AdColony / Digital Turbine

AdColony / Digital Turbine is a video ad network. When you set up AdColony as an ad network for justtrack, the following configuration will already be automatically set up:
  • Tracking links and the URL placeholders
  • Postbacks
  • SKAd network id
Justtrack also supports the following UA automation and optimization features, which need to be set up individually:
  • Cost Integration
  • Bid Management

Cost Integration, Bid Management

Please provide the following values from AdColony / Digital Turbine dashboard depending on the services that you would like to use:
  • username (used for bid management)
  • password (used for bid management)
  • Read only API Key (used for cost integration)
You can find these credentials in the Settings in the dashboard.
AdColony / Digital Turbine account settings page


Please insert your Postback API Key in justtrack.