Set up Ironsource as an ad network
Ironsource is a video ad network. When you set up Ironsource as an ad network for justtrack, the following configuration will already be automatically set up:
  • Tracking links and the URL placeholders
  • Postbacks
  • SKAd network id
  • Automated campaign creation based on clicks and views
Justtrack also supports the following UA automation and optimization features, which need to be set up individually:
  • Cost Integration
  • Bid Management
  • Creative Management


Additionally, credentials need to be set up to use the services. We recommend to create a separate justtrack account for your Ironsource account, so it is not tied to a person.
Justtrack requires the following parameters to be filled in Ironsource's network page:
  • Username
  • Password
  • Secret Key
  • Refresh Token
Please navigate to your account details in the Ironsource dashboard, and select the API tab. Please copy the Secret Key and Refresh Token from here.
Ironsource Account Overview, API Tab