Creative Asset Manager
Justtrack’s CAM combines the key features around creative management: Upload, administration, sharing with externals as well as key insights and reporting.


One single creative, e.g. an interactive end card. We support Videos, Statics and Playables.
Creative Group
Creatives grouped with the same content to simplify visualization
Creative Set
The set of creatives that is live in a campaign. It's based on what the networks allow for their campaigns. It can be a single creative, but also combinations of creatives such as video + end card.
Transmitting a creative set to a partner or campaign via an API integration
The CAM has two main pages with two essential features:
  • The Creative Browser: Creatives are uploaded here in a directory structure and can be shared with Account Managers for managed networks
  • The Creative Set Wizard: For all networks, where justtrack supports creative publishing via an API, the creative sets can be created and published here based on the network's requirements.

The Creative Browser

The main features include:
  • Upload creatives. You can either select them using a file picker or via drag & drop
  • Create your own directory structure. You can create entity directories (from existing networks, apps, GEOs) or custom directories
  • Share creatives with users. You can share directories or specific files with users. This is specifically useful for managed campaigns, where assets need to be shared with the account manager
  • Download creatives
  • Edit creative tags
In the bottom section of the creative browser, all creative are listed, that are either in the current folder or in subfolders.

The Creative Set Wizard

The creative set wizard page displays all creatives in a grouped card design. This will give users a quick overview about the available versions. Creatives with the same content, but with different languages or for different networks are grouped into one card.
Assets are split by type.

Creative Set Creation

Users can create creative sets from existing creatives. Every network has different requirements for the creatives (e.g. max file size, resolution, length, orientation) and their combinations.
First, a network is selected
Network Selection
Then, a variation needs to be selected. Variations are individual per network.
Variation Selection
After this, the user needs to select the creatives suitable for the selected variation. The user can filter or search for specific creatives.
Creative Selection
After the creative set is created, it can be published. Based on the integration, the creative set can either be published to a network's creative pool, or directly to a campaign.

Supported Partners

Publish to creative pool
Publish to campaigns
Google Ads
✅ (*)
Google Ads: Publishing to YouTube possible to a predefined channel

Detail Page

The Creative Detail Page lists all creatives of the same creative group. A creative group consists of all creatives of the same type (video, static, playable, text) for the same app and the same version.
Example group:
  • video with content A in version 1 for app TestApp with GEO US and orientation portrait
  • video with content A in version 1 for app TestApp with GEO DE and orientation landscape
  • video with content A in version 1 for app TestApp with GEO FR and orientation portait
Individual creatives can be edited, deleted or downloaded here.
Details Page